K9 Friends

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Found a dog?

Don’t automatically assume he’s a stray.

He may just have escaped from his garden, and is wandering around the neighbourhood.

Check to see if he is wearing a tag with the owners’ phone number; the dog may also be wearing a municipality-tag and be microchipped.

If there is no way to identify him, there are still several steps you can take:

1. Check our webpage Lost dogs gallery and see if anyone has reported a lost dog. It is possible you might have to recheck this page as the lost dog may not be added immediately.

2. Take the dog to a local vet and see if it has a microchip.

3. Call K9 Friends and report that you have found a dog; give us a description of the animal and your contact number. You will be notified if anyone reports a missing dog that matches the description of the one you have found. We can also check to see if the dog’s microchip-number is in our system.

4. Check with your neighbours to see if anyone has lost a dog.

5. Place a “found dog” advertisement in the daily newspapers, giving your area of town and a brief description of the dog. It’s a good idea to hold back a bit of information; such as the colour of his collar, or some other identifying feature, so you will know when the caller is the rightful owner. This is especially important with purebred dogs.

6. Make some posters with a colour picture of the dog and post them around the neighbourhood, in supermarkets, near schools, etc. While you’re at it, check the boards for notices of lost dogs which might fit the description of your found dog.

7. While trying to find the owners make sure the dog has plenty shade, water and some food.  Also ensure that it is in a safe place.

8. Don’t expect that K9 Friends can take the dog off your hands. Of course we will if we can, however, the space at the kennels is limited.  If you absolutely cannot care for the dog at your residence, try to find someone who can; a friend or co-worker.

When the dog’s owner is found, make sure you inform K9 Friends so we can update our records.mega-vzlom.com