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Giving up your dog

Call K9 Friends for advice, it might be avoidable!

Stray and abandoned dogs are K9 Friends’ priority.  Sometimes we take in dogs because their owners cannot cope; or because their circumstances have changed.  However, as the dog is ultimately the owners’ responsibility we hope that, by offering help and advice, the dog can avoid being handed over to K9 Friends.

Unfortunately, some pet owners find themselves in the position of no longer being able to care for their dog. This could be for a number of reasons and in some situations there is no other option but to rehome the dog.  K9 Friends can offer a lot of advice to help advertise your pet but the first point of call should be friends and relatives. Leaving a pet with people you know and trust will make it easier, both on the owner and the dog.  If this is not an option email or give us a call and we will advise on the best way to find a new home for your pet.

Sometimes owners feel that they can no longer keep their dog because of their pet’s behaviour problems. Such behaviour problems can be very distressing and the owners feel that their only option is to part with their pet. However, before you make the decision to give up your dog, please contact K9 Friends. Our staff can offer advice and also put you in contact with behaviourists and trainers who may be able to help you work on the problem rather than having to give up your dog.

Due to limited kennel space, we might not be able to take in your dog but your details can be placed on a waiting list, and if a space becomes available we will try to fit you in.сайт