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How to housetrain your dog or pup.


Owning a dog can be great fun and truly rewarding, but nothing breaks domestic bliss quicker than a suspicious looking stain on the Persian rug – so watch and learn the secrets of housetraining your dog.

Step 1: Go outside When you begin housetraining your dog, take him out in the garden or for a walk as frequently as possible. This could be as often as once an hour for the first few days if he has had no training at all.

Step 2: Predict your dog’s behaviour Your dog will usually give you several clues that he needs to go to the toilet. Dogs typically become fidgety, distracted, may sniff around for a place to go, and begin to circle or squat. Watch your pet particularly after he has been sleeping, eating or has been left alone for a while.

Step 3: Create a routine When your dog looks like he needs the toilet, encourage him outside. Take him to the same place by the same route each time so he learns to head in that direction. The exit should be easily visible to you so you know straight away if he wants to go.

Step 4: Wait Once you’re outside, wait with your dog and encourage him towards a particular area. If he shows no sign of relieving himself, take him back inside after a few minutes and watch him until he looks like he wants to go. If he does go, give him plenty of praise once he has finished.

Step 5: Walk around Walk your dog around for a bit longer before going back inside. This will ensure he doesn’t learn that relieving himself ends his time outside, as he may hold on until the last minute to extend his play time.

Step 6: If your dog goes in the house If you catch your dog relieving himself in the house, interrupt him with a sharp ‘Oi!’ or by clapping your hands. Don’t punish him as this will only teach him that it’s not safe to go to the toilet when you are around. Once he has been interrupted, take your dog outside and praise him if he goes outside. 
If you find some mess in the house there is no point in punishing your dog after the event as he will not associate the punishment with his earlier accident.

Step 7: Clearing up Clean the messy area well to discourage your pet from using the same place again, Use biological washing powder and mix one part of the powder with 9 parts water. Wait for it to dry and wipe the area with surgical spirit. Avoid household detergents or air fresheners that contain ammonia, as this is a natural chemical that occurs in your dog’s urine and will only encourage him to use the area again.сумки для macbook air 11