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Keeping your dog safe

Your dog depends on you for a safe and happy life.

Make sure he’s easily identified

Identify with a private identity disc, municipality tag and a microchip  If he does run off and is found by someone, a disc with your telephone number, a municipality registration number and microchip is his ticket home.

Vaccinations Be sure to keep your dogs vaccinations up to date, annual booster vaccinations will help your dog stay disease-free.

Parasite and worming treatments should also be administered regularly (according to the manufacturers instructions)

Keep your dog on a lead

As a responsible dog owner, you should always keep your dog on a lead unless you are in an area where it is safe to let the dog off.  No matter how obedient you think your dog is, there may be occasions where loud noises (such as car horns) or sudden movements frighten him, and he might run away.  The same applies if he sees a cat and decides he’d like to take up the chase!

Not only could your dog get lost, he could also cause damage to either himself or someone else.  In a worst case scenario he could even be  injured in a road traffic accident.  Keep him on a lead and keep him safe – it’s far cheaper, and a lot less traumatic, than a trip to the vet.

Don’t let your dog walk by himself

A dog on the street without an owner is illegal and he will be classed as a stray.  When out and about, you must keep your dog on a lead and with you at all times.

Keep doors and windows shut

Make sure your house is secure.  If doors are left open or your dog often escapes when the front door is open, fit baby gates.  Keep lower windows shut so he can’t jump out, especially in summer.

Make your garden secure

Make sure fences are tall enough and strong enough to take a dog jumping up at them. Also ensure they can’t easily be tunneled under.  Seal any gaps in the fencing; and keep gates shut at all times.

Ensure your dog is neutered

Most of the dogs we receive as strays are unneutered males. Ask your vet about neutering. Unneutered males have a tendency to roam.  They hunt down females for mating and other males for fighting.  Unneutered females cause all of the unwanted births of stray dogs in the world.

Be extra vigilant with new pets

Be ready for escape attempts from your new dog or pup, they don’t understand at first that  they are in a better place.

Do not let your dog off the lead until you are sure he will come back to you when you call him.


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