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Have you lost your dog?

A few pointers to help find him.

Make sure your dog is easily identified. If he’s found by someone, then a municipality registration-number, microchip or disc with your name and telephone number on makes it easy to trace him back to you. Owners of Pedigree dogs and larger breeds should be aware that dogs are often stolen in Dubai to be resold, or to be used for dog-fighting which sadly still takes place in the UAE.  Please be aware of your dog’s whereabouts at all times.

Check out the local dog related social media pages, including K9 Friends Facebook and Instagram account.

If your dog is not found and identified there are still several steps you can take:

Please let us know by messaging us via Facebook or email K9 Friends sending a photo along with the following information:
(a) dog’s name

(b) colour

(c) gender

(d) last place seen

(e) a contact number we can display online.

K9 Friends will also add your dog to our office ‘lost’ database and  you will be notified if anyone reports a stray or found dog that matches the description of yours.

2. Call and visit the municipality to report the dog is missing and check if your dog is with them. A visit in person is often more effective as the Municipality are not always good at tracking down owners and their knowledge of different breeds of dogs is limited.

3. Place a lost-dog advertisement in the daily newspapers, giving your area of town and a brief description of your pet.

4. Make sure your neighbours/watchmen know your dog is missing, and ask them to keep an eye out for him.

5. Make some posters with a colour picture of your pet and post them around the neighbourhood, in supermarkets, near schools, etc.  Often a reward is an added incentive for pets that may have been stolen.

When your dog is found, make sure you inform K9 Friends so we can update our records.

If he wasn’t wearing any ID tags make sure you get some for him as soon as possible.

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