K9 Friends

Call:+971 (0)4 8878739

Reporting cruelty

What can you do if you see someone mistreating an animal

Unfortunately K9 Friends has no power to intervene in cases of animal cruelty, we can however give advice via our helpline on what to do when you see someone mistreating an animal.

K9 Friends believes that the basic welfare of all animals must take into account the
‘Five Freedoms’:
• Freedom from hunger and thirst;
• Freedom from discomfort;
• Freedom from pain, injury or disease;
• Freedom to express normal behaviour;
• Freedom from fear and distress.

It is possible you could stop someone from being cruel to an animal if you act immediately, but it’s important to calmly assess the situation before you rush in – as the person acting cruelly could turn on you if you interfere. Take a note of what you’ve seen, with photographs of evidence if you can.  Call K9 Friends for further advice or Dubai Municipality on 800 9000

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