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If you love dogs you could help by fostering a K9 dog until a permanent home can be found.

If you have experience of caring for dogs, have a secure garden, are at home during the day or are able to take the dog to work with you; then you could help by fostering.


Fostering can benefit dogs who are:

  • too stressed in a kennel environment
  • too distressed to be properly assessed for the right home
  • too scared to show their true personality
  • too young to be suitably socialised in the kennel environment
  • too old to survive a long stay in the kennel
  • in need of a well-deserved break from kennels.

While medical fostering is the priority, we also try to help dogs that have become very stressed in the kennel environment and aren’t coping.

Some dogs are so unhappy in the kennels they demonstrate behaviour such as barking, screaming, and boisterousness, to barely moving.

As you can imagine such behaviour doesn’t allow the dog to sell itself very well as a family pet so it takes longer to find a home.  However, in a foster home, we often see a different dog!

During the time the dog is fostered:

K9 Friends will cover basic veterinary costs (the K9 Friends office should be called in advance to confirm and authorise any treatment before the visit to the vets ).  The dog will be treated at one of our designated veterinary practices.

A Foster Coordinator will keep in regular contact with you over the foster period to check all is well and arrange any medical appointments that may be needed. We ask the fosterer to fill in a report to let us know how the dog is getting on. We usually ask for a first few nights’ report and then weekly, depending on if there are any significant changes. These reports are really helpful, especially when it comes to rehoming the dog – we are able to tell a new home what to expect in the first few days.

Fostering is hard work but very rewarding. The first few nights and days can be unsettling for both the dog and foster home, but it is brilliant to see the end result when a dog is better and ready to go to its new home.

The time a dog will spend in a foster home will vary from a couple of weeks to a few months.


Please contact us on 04-8878739 to start fostering.