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Urgent Repairs

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K9 Friends is a  shelter based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  We have been in existence for 26 years and in that time have rescued and rehomed thousands of stray and abandoned dogs.  In 2009 we were lucky enough to have been gifted a shelter by the UAE Government. However we are now completely responsible for all costs involved in keeping the shelter going. We are voluntary run. The fencing we were given at the time was adequate however it is now in a bad state of disrepair and is becoming dangerous to our dogs. Ideally we would love to replace the kennel fronts with non rusting aluminium or galvanised steel.  This is very expensive however should last for years to come.  We have 54 kennels that we would like to renovate and this will run to thousands of dollars. The repair of one kennel alone will cost us about AED 7000 which is about US 1800.


7/5/15 Work in Progress….. so much better but we still have more to do!

Big THANK YOU to all that helped.

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