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  • Ginger was picked up at 3 months old by people who wanted to eat her.Then she went to K9 Friends as a puppy.When she was about 4 months old we got her we have had her for just over a year and she would love to vist the rest of her K9 friends arab escort in dubai
  • Just wanted to share a pic of Levi (formerly Pepsi) who I adopted in April. He is a beautiful character, handsome, gorgeous and I love him to bits! I think he looks stunning in this. He's easily 3 or 4 KG heavier than when I got him but it suits him! Gorgeous boy! free-anonymizer.ru
  • Hi! K9 friends We adopted a dog Pom Spitz white in the year 2001 month of May. I got married and came to Dubai in 2001. i had Pommeranian 5 dogs in India. After marriage i was so depressed with out dog and felt very lonely. Then decided to adopt a dog & approached K9. I visited K9 and asked for specifically white pom. Im lucky to get it. a dog ran so fast and came to me. It was white Pom :) with a smile i hugged it. It was waiting near the door and wanted to come out with me. Then i adopted the pom, we kept the name as RAJU. I had a good gr8 time with my Raju. thanks to k9......сайт
  • Hello! I am Roxx and this is my story. I spent almost 4 years of my life in shelters. When the one I started in closed K9 Friends found a place for me. All the people there were very nice and looked after me and I was never alone as there was always another dog with me in my air-conditioned indoor kennel and a small outdoor space where we could see people walk past. There were exercise areas where we could go every day to mix with some of the other dogs and splash in the water pools to cool down. I enjoyed that and was happy but my favourite time was when Karen took me to her home at weekends. It was wonderful and she taught me many things like how to walk on a lead, not to beg at dinner tables when people are eating and not to jump on all the furniture. In the time I was there many people came and went and I saw many dogs come and the lucky ones chosen to go and live with some of these people, but somehow no one seemed to want me and this made me a little bit sad. Then one day I was in an exercise place and someone I never knew came into the yard to see me. Then a little later one of the K9 people came and walked me into the big indoor space with the slippery floor and I met him again. After that he came back to see me again and we spent some time alone in one of the yards. He threw a couple of the toys for me and I collected them and put them back in the toy box. He came to the fence of my kennel and I reached out my paws to him –would this be the one? Would he take home? He even came and sat inside my kennel with me! Then for a long time I never saw him and thought he must have forgotten me or taken one of the other dogs. Then Saskia started to teach me something new. She taught me it was safe to be in a small crate and that it was nothing to be scared of. Early one morning when it was still dark someone came and woke me up and took me in a crate to the airport. Here I was put into an aeroplane and we set off on long long journey to a place called Sydney. I slept most of the way and was met and taken to something called a quarantine kennel. Here I had to stay on my own for 30 days. I could see other dogs but not play with them and even though they looked after me I was not happy and became quite skinny. While I was there the person I had met in Dubai and who I now know is called Duncan did come to visit me and I was happy to see him. Then one morning they put me back in my travel crate and I had another much shorter trip in a plane to a place called Brisbane and here I was taken to somewhere where I saw Duncan again. I was very excited. Now I am finally settled in my own home with Duncan and we go for a walk every morning and evening and sometimes also go shopping and I insist on going to the café where I sit nicely while Duncan usually has an iced coffee and sneaks me a taste of ice-cream. My life now is good and I am so happy and hope all the dogs that find themselves without a home could be as lucky as I have been to have found K9 friends and eventually my very own home. WOOF!кооперайтинг
  • Jake and I began our journey together at the end of 2011 when I started Dog walking volunteering with you, he was the 3rd dog on my 1st day to be brought out to me to walk, he was a bundle of built up enery and I just fell in love with him there and then. Fast forward to present day after vast amounts of training with Jake to overcome his leash aggression, food guarding, socialising him with our 2 cats and brining down his energy level through lots of exercise......I am very proud to say that we have just achieved our Bronze and Silver Good Citizenship kennel Club awards :-) We are now working towards getting our Gold by the end of the year. I can not express how much I love Jake and what an amazing dog he has turned out to be......the dog I always knew he was supposed to be, the dog that was hiding behind all of those outwardly expressive insecure behaviours - We have become a strong team and I can not imagine life without him now. All he needed was time, understanding, patience and Love lots and lots of love :-) sekspotelefonu
  • Hey :) We've had Nelson for 4 months now and he has cemented his place in our family forever! How anyone could have ever left this little cutie is beyond us! His skin healed fairly quickly, and his fur grew back nice and thick - but we are keeping it short now with the hot weather! He loves to go to the beach and explore and he loooooves to eat haha. He's still a bit cautious when other dogs come along - we guess from abuse, but he has definitely improved and is getting more confident in socialising! We love him so much and we thank you so much for bringing this little character into our lives! Can you guys even recognise him from the scruffy little creature he was back in Jan? :D We're so proud of how far he has come! THANK YOU K9 FRIENDS <3сайт
  • It is with such sadness that we are sending this email. After 13 years of looking after us Bessie (known at K9 Friends as Biscuit) passed away. We adopted her from you in November 2001 and she was the most beautiful dog ever. She leaves us, our 4 year old daughter and our 2 other dogs behind and we miss her every day. Thank you K9 Friends for giving us a most wonderful companion. pornomint
  • My family and I adopted Ginger in 2007 when I was 16. She was the first dog to say hi to us at K9 Friends, and my parents and I fell in love with her instantly. I moved to Canada for university in 2009. I am married now and to this day I still ask my mom to put Ginger on Skype because I miss her very much! My husband cannot wait to see her when we come over to visit this summer. When I take her out for walks, people thought I had a pet fox because of her pointy ears and red fur! She has such a great personality. Extremely patient with children. She could be stubborn sometimes but I find it very funny. She's like a Shiba Inu. I wish I could move her here to Canada but I know she's doing well with my parents. Thank you, K9 Friends for saving Ginger. She is truly the best animal companion I could ever ask for. разработка сайта стоимость
  • I just want you all to know that Puck (Pablo) and Dink (Castenet) are doing great. We adopted them in the beginning of December 2012. We had two dog before an thought that we could handle it. Two puppies is a different story haha. But like brothers the love an fight. Last week we moved to Muscat with them and our cat Jac. Which walked in my husband office in Jebel Ali 8 months ago. The dogs love there new toy/ friend. It is possible to have both. Never a doll moment in our house. Thank you for taking care of all the dogs. If we ever move to Dubai again and we have enough space we know where to find you. Regards Nienkegames java
  • We adopted Cleo nearly 10 years ago from K9, initially as a foster and then couldn't return her as she was just too settled with us. She is an older lady now but still has plenty of energy and now lives with us on a date farm with plenty of space to charge around with our other dogs (all rescued Great Danes) and despite being much smaller than them, keeps them all in check. Cleo when we adopted her was a very nervous and jumpy dog. She was terrified of walking through doors and gates and to date we will never know why, she is now over this phobia. She was scared of new people and hid under the dining table all of the time and the occasional accidental pee too. After two years of persevering with her and building her confidence she turned into a confident and happy girl. She has enjoyed being on the beach, running in the desert, running around and being with our other dogs, helping finish up leftovers at BBQs and is basically have a great life with us. We wouldn't have it any other way. Regards.mobi online
  • Happy Homing! Hi, this is just to give you guys some news about our lovely Caramel; she’s been part of our family since January and has transformed our lives. She is so special…A huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing her and taking care of her until we had the luck and privilege to bring her to our home. It’s hard to understand how someone could just leave her tied to a tree and walk away…one thing I can guarantee; she’s coming with us wherever we go. She’s now tied to our hearts, forever...THANK YOU!mobi game
  • I was browsing k9 friends website to find out the area as i was planning on to help to walk the dogs when i clicked on the wrong link who brought me to the adoption page,there was aerial,first on the list,her eyes captivated me,it was like you could see through her,and sense the trauma and depression,it brought tears to my eyes,i then had a chill down my spine and a little voice told me that we needed to rescue her! i ask my husband and there we went 2 days later to meet her at the shelter,she was a pretty traumatised,half wild little dog curled up in a corner,didnt dare to make eye contact with us,she was one of the 20 dogs brought from the municipality, we took her out of the kennel and 2 weeks on she made a major progress,she walks on a lead,eats a lot,she still shy with men but she trust me well enough to come out and have a sniff around,i cant wait to bring her back to the uk with us and meet my old dog,we have a massive garden and live on a private estate where she will have a great life! just to say to anyone who has doubts adopting,dont hesitate they only need some TLC! we love her to bits and im so happy that the website redirected me on the wrong page,it was meant to be! :) сумка для макбук эйр 13
  • Resting after a good walk. Love him to bits site
  • After losing our much loved dog we knew we needed to have another ASAP to fill his paw prints. We missed fur and sand on the floor, a large wet area around the water bowl, our walks, the snoring, wet kisses and a wagging tail. Not wanting to support puppy mills we gave the pet shop a miss and went straight to K9 looking for a large dog, friendly with other dogs, and calm. In K9 terms Mia may be large, but having had very large dogs, we thought she was the size of an over grown hamster. Other than not fully meeting our size requirements Mia has checked in all the boxes and a has not put one paw wrong. She has been the most easy going, friendly, loving and loyal companion we could have hoped for. She is now the older sister and mentor of our second rescue dog, who does meet the size requirements, and a bit more (you have to be careful what you wish for). Mia has gladly shared her space and our love with our new dog, with great compassion and understanding, and is a fab role model, which makes introducing this large and un-socialized dog into a home much easier. Getting a new dog, whether an older dog or a puppy is all about expectations, and fitting the right dog with the right owner. K9 did a fantastic job based on our wish list, and found us a wonderful match to our family. Thank you K9 for the fantastic work you do, and for giving dogs like Mia a chance of a new life. And for giving us a new dog to call ours. Paw Power and kind regards Evaобслуживание
  • Hello to everyone at K9, I have just bought the new 2012 K9 calender from the British Vets in Abu Dhabi, it's lovely. and i thought i would update you on Fidgets progress. We adopted Fidget in October, 2010, when we came to the kennels we were looking for a puppy, and preferably male, after having a good look around and meeting lots of dogs, we met Fidget, and she adopted us ! It was love at first sight between her and our son, Alex. We brought her home and she quickly found her way around the house and garden, finding the sunniestspot in the garden. She is a very affectionate dog and loves to be cuddled, play with her toys, and go for long walks. She doesn't like cats or water, so bath time is always fun! I have enclosed a photo of Fidget in the garden. Adopting her has been a really good thing for all our family and we couldn't imagine life without her now. Thank you K9 for all the great work you do, Your'e all wonderful ! The Trabut Family & Fidget.vzlomshark
  • We adopted Zack from K9 Friends 9 years ago. I was supposed to be taking him from the foster home to the vets for neutering. We found out on the way to the vet that the foster home had given him his breakfast, so he couldn't have the operation that day. I had to keep Zack at my house overnight ...He of course went for his neutering the next day but came straight back to my house..He is much loved:)модуль онлайн консультант
  • My parents and I have adopted him just over a year ago and he is doing great, This is a picture. I hope that i can hold a bakesale next year again to help you out!download permainan angry racer