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Found a dog?

Don't assume he must be a stray, he may just have escaped from his garden and is wandering around the neighbourhood looking for friends.

Check to see if he is wearing a tag with the owners’ phone number. He may also be wearing a municipality-tag; in this case he should be microchipped. If possible, take him to the nearest vet to check for a microchip. Unfortunately at the time of writing there is no centralised database of microchip numbers but most vets should be able to email the number to other vets if one is found.

If there is no way to identify him, there are still several steps you can take:

Please call us (04 887 8739) and we will check to see if any dogs have been reported missing. If a microchip is found we will also send this information to all our contacts to try and trace the owner. We will also check our own databases. You'll need to give us a description and your contact number so we can keep you informed.

Check our website and social media to see if anyone has reported a lost dog to us. It is possible you might have to recheck this page as the lost dog may not be added immediately.

Check with your neighbours to see if anyone has lost a dog. Place a “found dog” notice up locally; in supermarkets, near schools etc with a colour picture of the dog. While you’re at it, check the boards for notices of lost dogs which might fit the description. Never post the full microchip number, this may be the only way the rightful owner can claim the dog. Not everyone has honest intentions! This is especially important with purebred dogs.

While trying to find the owners make sure the dog has plenty shade, water and some food.  Also ensure that it is in a safe place. If you absolutely cannot care for the dog at your residence, try to find someone who can; a friend or co-worker.

When the dog’s owner is found, make sure you inform us so we can update our records.

If you cannot trace the owner, please let us know and we will add the dog to our priority list. We cannot guarantee we will be able to take it immediately as space at the kennels is limited. In the meantime, you can advertise locally and on social media to see if anyone is able to take the dog.

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