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Lost your dog?

Firstly, try to ensure your dog cannot get lost! Make sure your garden is secure and that your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag and its municipality tag. This is a legal requirement, as is a microchip. If your dog is found, it is much easier for him to be returned to you if he is easily identified. Sadly, not everyone has good intentions and there are reports of dogs being stolen. Please be aware of your dog's whereabouts at all times.

If your dog does become lost, there are several things you can do to locate him.

Call us (04 887 8739) and we can post on our website and on social media. Please give as much information as possible including the name, gender, colour, last place seen, a good colour photo and a contact number.

Call the municipality (04 289 1114) to report the dog missing and check if the dog has been taken there. If possible, try and visit in person as sometimes things are misunderstood over the phone.

Tell your neighbours, the community security guards and others in the neighbourhood that your dog is missing and ask them to keep an eye out.

Make posters with a colour picture and post around the neighbourhood. Never post your dog's full microchip number as this can be used as proof of ownership. Also, many communities have social media pages so post on these too. Sometimes offering a reward can help is a dog has been stolen.

When your dog has been found, please let us know so we can update our records.

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