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Please call the office on 04 887 8739 for more information on adoption. Our office hours are 9AM-1PM, Monday to Saturday. If your call is not answered please leave a message with your name and number and one of our volunteers will return your call.


  • NAME - Edam
    SEX - Male
    DATE OF BIRTH – 23.03.2021
    SIZE - Medium
    BREED - Mix
    INFO – Edam arrived at K9 Friends with mum and siblings at 2 weeks old. He is shy with people but loves to be with other dogs and is very kind and gentle to them. He will make a great addition to a home that already has a dog. He makes a quirky scream when he is scared of something new, this has led him to be know as the kennel drama queen, but the good news is the screams are getting few and far between as he builds his confidence.

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