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Please call the office on 04 887 8739 for more information on adoption. Our office hours are 9AM-1PM, Monday to Saturday. If your call is not answered please leave a message with your name and number and one of our volunteers will return your call.


  • NAME – Yarra
    SEX - Female
    DATE of BIRTH – 27.10.2016
    BREED- Mix
    SIZE- Medium
    INFO - Sweet and confident girl in the kennels, who loves playtime, water and belly rubs. Once she leaves the safety of the kennels, the outside world is a mystery to her and she becomes anxious, car sick and afraid of everything, including young children. She must be the only pet in the house, she does not do well with other dogs. Yarra needs experienced and patient people to encourage her to explore and learn at her own pace; who can also teach her how to behave in a home situation. Clear boundaries and a strict routine will help her overcome her fears to let her true personality shine through.

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