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Our new shelter opened in 2009. Since then, constant use has taken its toll on our AC units. Many people are unaware that although the building was generously gifted, K9 Friends receives no funding to maintain and run the facility. Our 59 AC units run constantly throughout the hotter months to keep our dogs cool. Not only do our AC units need constant maintenance and repairs, they also need replacing on average every ten years. Now we also have the added cost to run them

To raise these funds, we are offering the following sponsorship package to companies and individuals.


For 5000 dhs, sponsors will receive :


  • Your company logo or personal name on Facebook  visible to over 47,000 followers

  • A post on Facebook bi annually of all AC unit sponsors

  • Your company logo/or personal name on a board which is prominently displayed at the kennel

  • A certificate of appreciation will be emailed to all sponsors


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