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                                                                                                       TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Membership Scheme)

  1. Membership fee is non-refundable.

  2. Membership is non-transferable and shall be used by the member only. Members must present their membership cards or provide their membership numbers to reserve and enjoy benefits or offers. Staff of K9 Friends shall be entitled to check members’ valid identification documents for verification purposes.

  3. If a membership card is lost, stolen or damaged, the member shall report to K9 Friends immediately. A fee of 150AED will be charged for one single replacement of any lost, stolen or damaged membership card.

  4. If a member wishes to make changes to his/her personal data, a written request must be submitted to K9 Friends.

  5. Change of membership type will ONLY be accepted within the first three months of the current membership year. Members can only change to a higher value membership type, such as from annual member to two- or three-years individual membership or from an individual membership to a family membership. Once the upgrading has been approved by K9 Friends, the effective date of the upgraded membership type will remain the same as the prior membership type. These restrictions do not apply if you would like to change to another membership type after your current membership has expired.

  6. All membership applicants must be aged 16 or above.

  7. Members are not automatically given the right to vote at the K9 Friends Annual General Meeting. To obtain the right to vote, the member must undergo the Kennel or office training; this includes volunteering at K9 Friends in person once a week, progressing through the 3 Volunteer levels until the member has reached Level 1.

  8. Membership can be renewed before it expires or within 2 months after the expiry date. The renewed membership will take effect upon expiration of the current membership.

  9. Renewal reminder emails will only be sent to individual members.

  10. The effective date of membership will start upon confirmed receipt of payment.

  11. International membership is available but welcome packs are only available to members who reside in the UAE.  International members will still have access to the members only section of K9 Friends website and the monthly newsletter.

  12. All events, programs, benefits or privileges will be subject to specific terms and conditions.

  13. K9 Friends reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate any benefit or privileges at any time without prior notice, and without any refund or compensation.

  14. All offers, products, services, events or other related activities provided by a third party (including merchants and individuals) (“third party’s offer”) are subject to K9 Friend’s disclaimers and terms, and any additional terms imposed by the third party.

  15. K9 Friends accepts no liability for any third party’s offer. Members should conduct their own assessment before acceptance of a third party’s offer.

  16. The presence of a third party and the provision of any products, services and other contributions (including any opinions expressed) by the third party in connection with a third party’s offer (whether or not the third party’s offer is promoted by K9 Friends) do not:

    • constitute an endorsement by K9 Friends of such products, services and contributions – any opinions expressed by the third party do not necessarily reflect the opinions of K9 Friends; or

    • assert or imply K9 Friend’s endorsement, recommendation, favoring, investigation, verification or monitoring of the third party’s offer provided by the third party.

  17. Members are not allowed to:

    • exchange any third party’s offer for cash, other products, services or discounts, or transfer the third party’s offer to anyone else; or

    • use any third party’s offer in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

  18. A third party may determine any dispute relating to its offer.

  19. In all circumstances, K9 Friends may from time to time change the opening hours of the centers, close the centers or any part of it temporarily, or suspend or cancel any event, services or programs without prior notice or compensation. Members are advised to check K9 Friend’s Instagram before their visit.

  20. K9 Friends reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions anytime without prior notice or reason. Updated terms and conditions will be provided on K9 Friend’s website. All members shall be bound by the latest version of these terms and conditions.

  21. K9 Friends has the absolute discretion on matters in relation to the approval of membership, event bookings, programs, member offers or benefits.

  22. In case of any disputes, the decision of the K9 Friends shall be final.



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